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HX-N802 2A NIMH Charger
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $12.60
In Stock
HX-3800MH-B-- HX-N802-- ST-TAMFTO4B--
Redcat Promotional Hat
List Price: $21.99
Our Price: $12.60
In Stock
ST-4BTOTF-- Hat-001-- 08005--
Tamiya to Banana 4.0
List Price: $7.99
Our Price: $4.41
In Stock
PARTMAT-SM-- Nitrofuel-- ST-TAMTO4B--
VOLCANOEP-94111-RB-24-- BANANA-PLUGS-1Male-1Female-- HX-705--
HX-500025C-BV2-- TORNADOEPPRO-94107PRO-BS-- 08029--
Drill start wand
List Price: $9.49
Our Price: $5.36
In Stock
HX-15CS-- 28026N-- 11003--
Lightning EPX Drift
List Price: $189.99
Our Price: $139.99
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EVEREST-10-BLUE-- LIGHTNINGEP-DRIFT-R10215-- Sticker-001--
1 2 3 ... 824

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Radio Controlled models; The first use of radio control in models started in the early 1950s with single channel self built equipment later came commercial equipment. The advent of transistors greatly reduced the battery requirements, since the current requirements at low voltage were greatly reduced and the high voltage battery was eliminated. In both tube and early transistor sets the model's control surfaces were usually operated by an electromagnetic escapement controlling the stored energy in a rubber-band loop, allowing simple on/off rudder control (right, left, and neutral) and sometimes other functions such as motor speed. Crystal-controlled superheterodyne receivers with better selectivity and stability made control equipment more capable and at lower cost. Multi-channel developments were of particular use to aircraft, which really needed a minimum of three control dimensions (yaw, pitch and motor speed), as opposed to boats, which can get away with two or one. As the electronics revolution took off, single-signal channel circuit design became redundant, and instead radios provided proportionally coded signal streams which a servomechanism could interpret.

More recently, high-end hobby systems using Pulse-code modulation (PCM) features have come on the market that provide a computerized digital bit-stream signal to the receiving device, instead of analog type pulse modulation. However, even with this coding, loss of transmission during flight has become more common in part because of the ever more wireless society.

In the early 21st century, 2.4 gigahertz transmissions have become increasingly utilized in high-end control of model vehicles and aircraft. Now, these 2.4 gigahertz systems are being made by most radio manufacturers. The radios range from a couple thousand dollars, all the way down to under $30 for some systems. Some manufacturers even offer conversion kits for older digital 72Mhz (35Mhz in Europe) band radios.

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