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UNITRACK is at the core of N Kato USA range of precision railroad layouts for the dedicated hobbyist. Whether you are a seasoned hobbyist or just getting starting with railroad models, the layout plan needs precision handling and this is where UNITRACK surfaces as the perfection option. Among the bestselling, railroad layout brands at this store, N Kato UNITRACK items meet the global benchmarks for performance in this segment. All Kato USA UNITRACK prototypes are vouched for by seasoned hobbyists across America, addressing the needs for permanent, temporary, small, and large layouts. Each UNITRACK model here is a picture of craftsmanship and attention to details—a fact that has raised the credentials of UNITRACK as the world’s most trusted modular track system. You get the assurance of the most real-looking roadbeds and ease of assembly. At this store, you get the assurance of 100% authentic N Kato USA products. The stock is often checked for meeting our strict quality benchmarks.

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Kato USA -Straight Track-N Gauge UNITRACK N 9-3/4" Double Track Straight, Concrete Ties (2) Kato Straight Roadbed Track Section - Unitrack -- 7-5/16" 18.6cm N Scale
KAT20000 - Four 9-3/4" N Scale Straight Track KAT20004 - N scale Concrete Tie Double 9-3/4" Straight Track KAT20010 - Straight Roadbed Track Section - Unitrack- 7-5/16" 18.6cm
N Concrete Tie Double-Track Straight -- 4-7/8" 124mm pkg(2) UNITRACK Straight Track -- 64mm Magnetic Uncoupler Track - Unitrack -- 2-1/2" 64mm
KAT20023 KAT20030 KAT20032
Straight Roadbed Track Section - Unitrack -- 2-7/16" 62mm pkg(4) Straight Roadbed Power Feeder (Terminal) Track Section - Unitrack -- 2-7/16" 62mm N Concrete Tie Double-Track Straight -- 2-7/16" (62mm) pkg(2)
KAT20040 KAT20041 KAT20042
Straight Roadbed Power Feeder (Terminal) Double-Track Section - Unitrack -- 2-7/16" 62mm pkg(2), Includes: Two Track Power Leads Kato USA Inc Unitrack to Snap Track Conversion Track Straight Roadbed Bumper Track Section - Unitrack -- A Style - 2-7/16" 62mm pkg(2)
KAT20043 KAT20045 KAT20046
Straight Roadbed Bumper Track Section - Unitrack -- B Style - 2-7/16" 62mm pkg(2) Straight Roadbed Bumper Track Section - Unitrack -- Style C - 2-7/16" 62mm pkg(2) N Concrete-Tie Double-Track Widening Section - Unitrack -- Right Hand 12-3/16" 31cm Long
KAT20047 KAT20048 KAT20052
Track Assortment Set -- 1-1/8", 1-3/4" 2.9, 4.4cm pkg(10) Unitrack -- Curved Track 9.75" Radius 15-Degree pkg(4) Curved Roadbed Track Section - Unitrack -- 30-Degree, 13-3/4" 348mm Radius pkg(4)
KAT20091 KAT20101 KAT20130
Curved Track pkg(4) -- 45-Degree, 13-3/4" 348mm Radius Curved Roadbed Track Section - Unitrack -- 15-Degree, 19" 481mm Radius pkg(4) Curved Track -- 45-Degree, 8-1/2" 216mm Diameter
KAT20132 KAT20160 KAT20170
Curved Track -- R216mm, 15-Degree pkg(4) Radius 45 degrees, 15"/19" (381mm/414mm) pkg(2) N CT Double-Track Easement Curve Track -- Right & Left, 381mm/414mm, 15" & 19", Radius 27.5"
KAT20171 KAT20181 KAT20182
N Unitrack CT Double-Track Superelevated Curve -- 45 Degrees, 11/12-3/8" 28.2/31.5cm Radius Unitrack CT Double-Track Superelevated Curve Easment -- 1 Each Left & Right, 22.5 Degrees, 11/12-3/8" 28.2/31.5cm Radius #6 Electric (Remote) Turnout - Unitrack -- Left Hand
KAT20183 KAT20184 KAT20202
#6 Electric (Remote) Turnout - Unitrack -- Right Hand 20-210 310mm (12 3/16") Double Crossover Turnout Unitrack Track Crossings - 15-Degree, 7-5/16" 186mm -- Left
KAT20203 KAT20210 KAT20300
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