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Delta Dart Activity Kit USCG 36500 36' Motor Lifeboat- 1/16th SC-I Class Sub-Chaser- 1/35th
Delta Dart Activity Kit
Usually ships in 3 to 5 days
List Price: $5.27
Our Price: $3.70
In Stock
MID3950 DUM1258-- DUM1259--
1/24 1929 Chris-Craft Runabout 1/24 1949 Chris-Craft Racer Catapult Activity Kit
DUM1701-- DUM1702-- MID3953
46inch Great Lakes Freighter Boat Kit 1/50 Marina II Wooden Model Ship Kit 1/48- City of Buffalo Model
DUM1264-- LAT20506-- DUM1270--
19' Barrel Back 1940 24' Sedan 1956 1/50 Scottish Maid Wooden Model Ship Kit
24' Sedan 1956
List Price: $80.00
Our Price: $67.20
In Stock
DUM1705-- DUM1707-- LAT18021--
1/30 San Juan Galeon XVIth Century Wood Ship Kit 1/75 Viking Wooden Model Ship Kit 1/25 Bounty Jolly Wooden Model Ship Kit
LAT18022-- LAT19001N-- LAT19004--
1/50 Endeavour's Longboat 1/35 Titanic's Lifeboat Providence New England's Whale Boat Kit
LAT19015-- LAT19016-- LAT19018--
1/35 Mare Nostrum Wooden Fishing Trawler Kit Stage Coach 1848 1/50 San Fransisco II Cross Section Ship Kit
Stage Coach 1848
List Price: $218.75
Our Price: $169.99
In Stock
LAT20100N-- LAT20340-- LAT20403--
1/80 Mississippi Paddle Wheel Steam Boat Kit 1/50 Swift Easy Build Wood Pilot Boat Kit 1/41 Virginia American Schooner Model Ship Kit
LAT20505-- LAT22110N-- LAT22135--
1/50 Marie Jeanne Wooden Model Tuna Boat Kit 1/65 Carabela Santa Maria Wooden Model Ship Kit 1/65 La Pinta Wooden Model Ship Kit
LAT22170-- LAT22411-- LAT22412--
1/64 Mayflower Wooden Model Ship Kit 1/90 San Francisco II Wooden Model Ship Kit Bluenose II Wooden Ship Model Kit
LAT22451-- LAT22452N-- LAT22453--
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