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Hobby-On carries the widest selection of arts, crafts, and activities available anywhere. From paints to drawing kits and coloring books to common craft supplies, Hobby-On has the activities you need to bring out your inner child. In addition to our more common activities, we also stock numerous unique activities including clock making kits, rock tumbling kits, and wood burning kits. Our large variety of arts and crafts ensure that you will find what you're looking for. It doesn't matter if you're looking for kits for your family, your friends, or yourself - Hobby-On has what you are looking for! So what are you waiting for? Check out our expansive selection now!
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Model T Kit Rock Tumbler Model MP-1 Rock Tumbler Model A-R1 Special Kit Rock Tumbler
Model T Kit Rock Tumbler
Usually ships in 5 to 7 days
List Price: $161.27
Our Price: $117.40
In Stock
THU100-- THU101-- THU102--
Model A-R2 Kit Rock Tumbler Model A-R12 Rock Tumbler Model B Heavy Duty 15# Rock Tumbler
THU115-- THU130-- THU140--
Ultra Vibe 18 Tumbler for Brass,Metal,Coins,Jwlry R3 Rubber Molded Barrel - 3lb Cap Grit Pack for #100 & #102
THU180-- THU202-- THU300--
Grit Pack For #115 Grit Pack for #130 or #140 Fine Grit, 4oz
Grit Pack for #130 or #140
Usually ships in 5 to 7 days
List Price: $34.69
Our Price: $29.13
In Stock
THU302-- THU304-- THU306--
Prepolish, 2oz Polish, 2oz Coarse Grit, 1lb.
Polish, 2oz
List Price: $4.06
Our Price: $3.42
In Stock
THU307-- THU308-- THU310--
Fine Grit, 1lb. Prepolish,1/2lb. Polish, 1/2lb.
Polish, 1/2lb.
List Price: $11.24
Our Price: $9.44
In Stock
THU311-- THU312-- THU313--
Plastic Tumbling Beads Belt For #100 (Thin) Crushed Polishing Rock, 1lb.
THU320-- THU400-- THU407--
Gem Mix, 1lb. Brazil Agate, 1lb. R12 Lid
Gem Mix, 1lb.
List Price: $11.85
Our Price: $9.95
In Stock
R12 Lid
List Price: $5.78
Our Price: $4.86
In Stock
THU408-- THU409-- THU905R12--
R3 Lid Coarse Grit, 4oz Belt For #102 & #115 & #140 (Thick)
R3 Lid
List Price: $3.95
Our Price: $3.32
In Stock
Coarse Grit, 4oz
List Price: $4.06
Our Price: $3.42
(Out of Stock)
THU905R3-- THU305-- THU401--
R3 Retainer Ring
R3 Retainer Ring
List Price: $4.72
Our Price: $3.53
(Out of Stock)
Hobby-On carries many different fun activities available from only the best manufacturers including the popular brands NSI (NSI) and Thumblers Tumbler (THU).