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How Hobby-On ordering works

How do we offer items at low Club Prices?

How Hobby-On ordering works

  • Hobby-On receives your orders and combines them with all orders received for that day, which gives you the best buying power and the best price. Orders must have been paid for to be processed orders for the day.
  • Available items are reserved for you and set aside in a special warehouse inventory until your order is ready to ship.
  • When your ordered items arrive to our warehouse (approximate 6-10 days) they are shipped out.  Expect your order at your door step within 15 days from the day you order, in most cases.  All items that are not shipped within 90 days are automatically refunded.
  • Back orders and Pre-Orders may be canceled unless they have been shipped by the suppliers. PayPal orders will receive a PayPal refund of any unused balance. Credit card orders that have been charged for back ordered items will be refunded as necessary. All other payment refunds will be done through the payment source. Or you can request a credit.
  • If, after placing your order online, Hobby-On encounters an unexpected stock availability issue, you will be notified via email of the issue, with options for how you would like us to proceed.. If you chose to backorder the item you can have us hold the remaining items until the backorder arrives, to save on shipping, then the entire order will ship to together

International orders: see International shipping for Hobby-On

Keep backorders with Hobby-On

  • Hobby-On has a back ordering system that ensures your back order will ship quickly once the backordered item arrives. You are assured of a first-come, first-serve, stock allocation upon the availability of the item on back order. Back ordering with Hobby-On will make sure that you get the item you want and you'll be one of the first to receive it. also provides any change in information concerning your back ordered item.

Check my backorders with Hobby-On.

  • If you have back ordered items with Hobby-On you can check the status of these items by simply using the online Order Status. You may also locate the items that you have on back order online and the line listing will show the expected availability date of the item that you have on back order.

Hobby-On has more than 100,000 items Available, so it's a good bet that we will have the items you are looking for. Unfortunately, we have no control over manufacture production schedules. We can only pass on the information that is provided to us. Please use the backorder availability dates as a guideline only. These dates can change often.